Thanks for visiting the Lu-Seal Manor Store! Lu-Seal was a chihuahua who was abandoned at 9 years old, weighing 16 pounds, barely able to walk. She lost half her body weight and learned to run and play again. She lived happily ever after and crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021 after a brave battle with heart disease and pulmonary hypertension.

She passed the torch to Simba, who arrived at the shelter on the very day that Lu-Seal died. He was a 17 pound dog in a 37 pound body and his obesity was destroying his liver, making him very sick. He lost the weight and his liver disease has almost entirely gone away.

A few months later, we invited 12 pound Margot to join us in Lu-Seal's Manor. She came into a shelter in Texas as the only survivor of three chihuahuas that were brought in together. She was terrified, shut down, and 7 pounds overweight. Long Way Home Adoptables got her to us and she turned into a whole new dog. She's now 5 pounds and enjoys rolling in stinky things and annoying Simba.