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Get the Shot Bandage Stickers
Get the Shot Bandage Stickers

Get the Shot Bandage Stickers

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Whether you’ve already had the vaccine, are looking for an appointment, or just hoping that some day in the distant future you’ll finally be eligible to get one, we want to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccines 💉 

We tried to print real custom bandages for all of you getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but we couldn’t pull it off because of long turnaround times and 10,000 unit order minimums, so you’ll have to settle for these stickers instead. But look on the bright side, that means you can stick them anywhere, not just on your vaccine hole!

These are vinyl sticker sheets measuring 4” x 4” - each sheet includes three stickers. The stickers are slightly larger than typical adhesive bandages. You can pick from either the pink theme or the "traditional" theme (or buy both!). Each order includes one sticker sheet. Printed locally here in Pittsburgh at the Commonwealth Press with amazing artwork by Shawna Kirsch, who donated her time and talents to make this happen.

We want to get these out there, so you can get up to 5 sticker sheets or temporary tattoos for free (pay for shipping only) with code “GETTHESHOT”

Please bear in mind if you choose the cheapest shipping option (first class mail), there’s no tracking, so it’s at your own risk 😬